Zelda Zinn

Zelda Zinn is a photo-based artist from LA living and working in Brooklyn . In recent bodies of work, she mines discardable materials to create images which are suggestive of the natural world.


Moving beyond the convention of recording found moments in front of the camera, Zelda Zinn constructs, deconstructs and reconstructs both her subjects and the resulting photographs. Her process navigates the borders between photography and other arts, and operates at the edge where representation and abstraction meet.


Zelda Zinn was born with a crayon in her mouth and a book in her hand, and she grew up drawing and dreaming up contraptions. She fell in love with photography at age 10, and has only rarely regretted it. She went to an arts high school before studying the classics at St. John’s College and then the University of New Mexico, receiving an MA and an MFA in photography. She taught for many years, and loved to make photo enthusiasts of her students. She likes to get her hands dirty with printing, painting, and making sculpture. She was fortunate to be awarded artist’s residencies to the Santa Fe Art Institute, Vermont Studio Center, Akron Soul Train, and The Arctic Circle (upcoming). They have had a profound impact on her art making. She continues to be amazed by the worlds of nature and the imagination.


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