Zelda Zinn

Body Language

 Early in my formation as an artist, I was introduced to non-traditional methods of creating a photographic image. These variant techniques allowed for more expressive options than the "straight" (undoctored) print. The number of solutions to a single visual question were, essentially, infinite. Later, my exploration of process and materials took me rather far afield. But photography was always the home from which I strayed and to which I inevitably returned. This work is yet another foray within the arena of photography, but this time employing the scanner as camera. 

 Digital collage allows for endlessly tweaking the elements before and after scanning. The scanner’s high resolution provides the photographic detail, while also allowing creative control over framing as well as content. Using Photoshop in conjunction with the scanner allows me to conveniently marry the detail and "factuality" of the photograph with the flexibility and expressionistic possibilities of painting.

 My interest in gesture and silhouette is long-standing, and I have returned to that territory in a new form with this work  where the pictures intimate a narrative. Here, the pose suggests the scenario while the details sketch in the story. Body language and context contribute pieces to the puzzle of meaning, while color adds an emotional layer and directs the eye. Not limited by the real world, I choose colors that suit the emotional climate I seek. Objects, too, become symbolic in this often sparse world. Houses, moody skies, birds, plants, water and fire are often present. The goal is not the depiction of reality as much as an interest in describing a feeling or emotion that rings true.