Zelda Zinn

Irresistible Air

This series marks another chapter in my continuing exploration of the grey area between abstraction and representation in photography. Here, I have manipulated plastic air pillows into ephemeral sculptural forms. They have been removed from their context, taken into the studio, carefully lit, and then recorded with my digital camera. Shooting the forms in this manner allowed me to utilize the language of traditional fine art photography: isolation of form, sharpness, rendition of surface and shape, tonal range, reflectance and transmission of light.

I am interested in engaging the viewer in dialogue with these pictures; my goal is to entice them to consider if and how they might go beyond what the photo is โ€œofโ€ to contemplate what it might mean to them, capitalizing on the human penchant to seek out and identify shapes and forms, and to assign significance. It is remarkable that such simple materials function as a screen onto which we can project our own images, or simply appreciate the visual pleasures of light and physics.